At we value our privacy and security – and we expect that the supporters who use our add-on feel the same way. This is why the add-on was created while respecting our user’s right to browse the web privately and without exposure to unsafe code.

The Highest Level of Privacy

The add-on collects absolutely no information about the websites you visit or any identifying information about you.

We’ve intentionally designed our platform to be completely blind to the website URLs, content, categories, etc that you might visit. The only information the add-on collects is the number of new tabs you’ve opened. That’s it!

We’re so serious about privacy, we don’t require email or any other form of “sign-up” to get started.

Designed for Security

We believe a solid security policy is just as important as a solid privacy policy. This is why we’ve invested considerable time and effort into developing a platform that protects our users’ devices against unwanted changes.

The add-on was made to use the fewest amount of permissions and privileges as possible to ensure that we do not and cannot introduce unsafe code to supporters’ devices. The add-on doesn’t make any changes to your computer, other than replacing the blank new tab page in your browser with the page. It essentially functions like a website that is automatically displayed when you open a new tab. The page displays in your browser but is incapable of making any changes to the rest of your computer.
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